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DHL is the global market leader of the international air express
industry, operating in more than 220 countries and territories
worldwide. Every shipment sent via DHL is governed by service
standards, set according to the origin and destination. A shipment
delivered to Hong Kong from Paris, for example, has a delivery
service standard of 24 hours. DHL operates in some of the most
remote parts of the world, so pick-ups from and deliveries to
these places may take longer than expected. DHL Worldwide
Express provides the following major services. Additional services
are available in various countries, so please visit your country site to find out more.
Worldwide Document Express
Worldwide Document Express sets the standard for speed, convenience, and unrivaled reliability. Use it to express international door-to-door delivery of non-declarable items such as documents, invoices, contracts, and reports. As non-declarable items can vary from country to country, if you are unsure, please contact your local customer services department for assistance. If you use DHL to send urgent lightweight documents on an ad hoc basis, DHL's Express Documents service is the ideal solution. As long as the documents weigh no more than 250g, the Express Documents service offers you an attractive alternative with a favorable fixed-rate tariff.
DHL Worldwide Parcel Express ® (WPX) (TM):
Worldwide Parcel Express, or WPX, offers fast and reliable door-to-door delivery of customs declarable shipments. Customs declarable goods are subject to customs clearance and may be liable for payment of duty at the destination country. Please contact your local customer services department for assistance.
Worldwide Parcel Express is ideal for sending items such as samples, spares parts and finished products. A Commercial invoice must accompany WPX shipments so, if you haven't prepared one, please contact your local customer services department should you need help with completing it.
Logistics Solutions
Express logistics services enable customers to the warehouse and assemble goods at DHL's bonded express logistic centers, dramatically reducing inventory costs.
Customers distributing components, manufactured goods, medical supplies, and other items use DHL's computerized inventory tracking system to receive day-by-day reports of stock movements for greater control in inventory management. Key centers are located in Bahrain (to serve the Middle East), Brussels (to serve Europe), and Singapore (serving the Asia Pacific). New centers will open soon to serve North America and Central and South America.
Import Express
Total control for your collections worldwide
Whatever your business needs from overseas, DHL's Import Express is the best way to get it here.
Available from more than 210 countries, Import Express offers you total control of your collections worldwide through a single partner with proven customs expertise.
Features & Benefits
One company. DHL takes responsibility for your shipment from door-to-door. With one point of contact, you are always in control of your shipment and with DHL's extensive global network, you can track your shipment at any time.
One price. Our price covers the pick-up, transportation, standard customs clearance and delivery to your door. The costs are fixed up front, so there are no hidden costs arriving months after your shipment.
One currency. The Import Express tariff is in your local currency - no matter which country your shipment originates in or where it is delivered. This reduces your exposure to exchange rate fluctuation so you know exactly what you're paying, even before you place an order.
One account number. All you need is one account number for importing from your suppliers from more than 210 countries. Not only does this make Import Express easy to use, but a reconciliation of your accounts is also simpler
One invoice. A fully-itemized invoice simplifies payment for all your imports and saves you time.
How does Import Express work in practice?
1. Apply for your Import Express account number at your local DHL office
2. Send your Import Express account number to your supplier together with a Routing Order
3. Your supplier calls their local DHL office to collect the shipment
4. Your shipment is monitored at every stage by the latest tracking systems
5. DHL customs brokers arrange customs clearance for your dutiable goods
6. DHL delivers the shipment direct to your door or to a designated recipient in any other country
Import Express is easy to use. If you would like to know more about how Import Express can help your company, please contact your local Customer Service Centre for assistance.
Tracking Shipments
DHL's electronic tracking system ensures the safety and security of your shipments worldwide. Hand-held scanners carried by couriers feed shipment information to our global databases. Additional checkpoints are added as the shipment progresses through to its destination, enabling DHL to provide you with detailed information on the whereabouts of your shipment, should this be required.
Check out the tracking services section to see the different ways of getting access to this information.
Whenever possible DHL will try to provide service to our customers by transporting
their shipments. However, a variety of laws and regulations, as well as common-sense safety and security issues, mean that occasionally DHL is unable to ship all or certain types of commodities to certain countries. All DHL services are subject to DHL's Standard Conditions of Carriage. Further information can be supplied by your local DHL office.
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